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Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the shelf life of the meals?

The meals are made for 5-7 day period. Each meal has a specific expiration date on the label.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver all over the greater Spokane area.

How do you keep the meals cold while delivering?

Meals that are delivered come in insulated boxes made to keep the food cold for a little over a 3 hour period.

Can I customize my meals to meet my dietary restrictions?

You can't specifically customize, but each meal is categorized so you know where to find such options as low carb, gluten free, and other entrées.

Do you offer any vegan items?

As of now, no we do not. We're in the works right now to make sure we release the best possible vegan options over the upcoming months.

How often the does the menu change?

The menu changes once each month.

How do I heat the meals?

Heat the meals in the microwave for 1-1:30 min, or until the core temperature is 165 degrees.

How big are the meals?

Each meal varies, but they are made for one person with a vegetable source, a carb source, and at least 4 oz of protein.

How many people does each meal feed?

Each meal is one serving, for one person.

When do orders need to be placed by?

Orders need to be placed by Wednesday at 9:00PM.

I am a retailer/gym owner, can Kairos provide meals to sell at my business?

We work with many gyms and business in and around the Spokane area. Email us at Info@KairosMealPrep.com for more information!

If I'm on a subscription, when will I be charged?

People subscribed to subscriptions will be charged each Monday. If a charge goes through on Monday, and Tuesday you decide you want to skip a week, the payment made on Monday will carry over to the next weeks orders.