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A Simple Way To Enjoy Healthy Food

When you’re an athlete, a gym goer, or simply someone who wants to eat healthier moving forward, having good, nutritious meals takes a lot of work each day. We’ve been in the fitness industry for years now and we can say the most common mistake people have when it comes to pursuing healthier lives isn’t showing up to the gym: it’s consistently eating the right foods.


We wanted to make eating fresh and healthy foods simple. Our menu consists of high protein meats, fresh vegetables, and high-quality grains. And never frozen.

Meet The Founders

Founders of Kairos, Daniel Wee and Zach Helfenstein, are both NASM Certified Personal Trainers, with Zach also being a Certified Nutrition Coach and a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach. They launched Kairos because they know people struggle with food the most and wanted to give people the best possible option.